Letter to Our Patients

Dear Friends and Families of Carolinas Vision Group,

We hope you, your families and friends are healthy and staying safe while we are all going through this time together. We wanted to let you know how we are doing things presently and how we will move forward if things change in the coming days. PLEASE read the bolded bullets below. For those of you who like the details – see the rest!

  • We are open presently if you need to be seen for your eye exam:
    • We are following the CDC and American Optometric Association guidelines for a safe and effective workplace. This includes wiping down all surfaces between each patient in all areas of our clinics, cleaning frames between try-ons and having separate bins for ‘clean’ pens and ‘dirty’ pens so that you can be assured of using a clean one. We are asking all patients with fever and/or upper respiratory symptoms to reschedule their appointment for another time.
    • We have eliminated all high-touch areas in the office like magazines, kids area toys, etc.
    • We are no longer shaking hands with patients (that is a tough one for me after almost 30 years of doing it!)
    • Last week, we started doing phone triage for any eye infections. Feel free to call us with any eye emergencies and we will be happy to get one of our doctors on the phone with you as a service we can provide. With today’s technology, we will utilize telemedicine capabilities as much as possible for those in need.
    • This week we started checking temperatures at the door for all of our staff, doctors and patients. Anyone over 100 is being asked to reschedule or utilize our telemedicine services. Employees over 100 are sent home until they are fever free.
    • We are asking all patients to wash their hands upon entry.
    • We are asking only those with appointments to come into the office unless they are a minor accompanied by an adult.
    • We are kindly asking the ‘at-risk’ populations to stay home at this time. We simply want you to be extra careful.
  • We are extending current and expired contact lens prescriptions so you can order what you need:
    • If you want to order some more contacts at this time, please call or text 704-943-5110 and we will be happy to extend your time by 3-6 months depending on the brand you are using currently. If you were due for your examination, we will just move your appointment to a later date so that you can get what you need and we can catch up on your eye health, etc at your next appointment. We have not heard of any supply chain issues at this time but want to stay ahead of that for you.
  • We are happy to ship your glasses or contacts to you:
    • If you do not want to come into the office to pick them up. For glasses and contacts (less than an annual supply), we will charge a minimum shipping fee of $10 and you can come by at a later date to get the glasses professionally fitted and adjusted when you are comfortable. For annual supplies of contacts, we are able to do free shipping.

This is how we are operating today. However, as we have all seen, things are changing quickly and we will adapt as needed. Even if we are asked to ‘shut down’ for a while, we will still be ‘open’ by answering phones, taking contact lens orders, providing telemedicine services and trying to provide as much normalcy as we possibly can for all of you.

We feel privileged to be your providers of eye care and will be here to serve you in every capacity we are able to in the coming days. Thank you all for being a huge part of who we are and please stay safe and treat each other well in the days ahead.


The Doctors and Staff of Carolinas Vision Group