We are excited to see changes coming in regards to COVID!  As a Health Care setting, we are still required to utilize masks in our office for both our staff and patients.  We certainly appreciate your cooperation and understanding!


American Optometric Association (AOA) Statement:

“On May 13, 2021, the CDC updated guidance for wearing a mask or physically distancing to protect individuals from COVID-19 disease among individuals who have been fully vaccinated. These new CDC recommendations are intended to help individuals make decisions about daily activities after being fully vaccinated, but they are not intended for health care settings. CDC guidance for health care settings where health care is delivered including, but not limited to; physician offices like optometry offices and others was last updated April 27, 2021, and remains in effect. Importantly CDC recommendations for use of personal protective equipment by health care personnel remain unchanged”


CDC Announcement:

CDC statement on masks for Healthcare Providers